babbling in my head

ringing in my ears

voices heard from a distance

lost echoes cling to the faintness

despite random thoughts

the world still oscillates…

-J Alaine

#poetry #write #world


Seasonal Exhaustion

We run away countless times during this season, in hopes to avoid the hustle and the bustle; yet find ourselves in the midst of the crowd. We smother ourselves in contemplation of what to buy our loved ones; asking would they want this or that. Then at the excruciating end of trying to decide, we settle for a gift card (just to be safe!) So much preparation goes into the decorating, the baking, the shopping, the get-togethers, seasonal enjoyment but then, we forget ourselves…

-J Alaine

#amwriting #words #life


these illusions

the penetrating thoughts

held my soul until

it’s last moment

the final breath refrained

in the midst of a

suffocating hour

held under water

I’m not asking to resurrect

J.Alaine 2018

#amwriting #death #life #poetry


I felt it, as it pierced through me like that of a knife repeatedly stabbing me in the chest. The shortness of my breath hung over me. I felt that sudden loss of all thoughts. My mind had went numb. I still suffer from the last of the loss of feeling in my hands. Time was jolted to an abrupt halt it’s remains so still, so empty, as if all the days spent had been renounced. Utterly broken I was crawling myself back into life. The lingering wait was over. The answer was ever so clear. I knew that it was something that I craved from deep within my being, yet it would never be for me.

J.Alaine 2018

#life #flashfiction #amwriting #read

I wanted to write a few lines

yet I didn’t know how to arrange them

I sat, pondering while I weaved the words

through this very web

that I’m virtually entangled in

I captured the thoughts;

grasping onto every passing word

that would possibly adhere to my idea

and still, in this quiet hour, it’s

rearranging itself for me

J.Alaine 2018

#words #amwriting #thoughts


I’m left at a loss

for something

that I can’t attain

The words are scattered

the mind in a blur

Thoughts drift

in every direction

Tell me

that you know

where the loss has gone

 2017 J Alaine

#amwriting #justwords


You sat, hand on cheek, relaxed and wondering: how in the hell did you get yourself in this situation…?

Of all the most vile things to be doing, you ask yourself ‘why’ in a repetitional state.

Overthinking never made it go away. The constant pacing, back and forth across the room could not reach you with any inclination.

The power that you had within you to refrain had left you mentally exhausted.

The time of dwelling seemed to last for more than half of your lifetime.

Just then, you realized that it was all more than enough.

So without any response to your decision; you packed your bags, grabbed your miserly savings, dressed yourself to impress, hair styled to perfection, you reached to grab the front door.

You calmly walked down the front porch stairs, past the garden, past the pond down the pathway to the open road;

… never looking behind.

 2017 J Alaine

#amwriting #life #flashfiction


don’t follow it

when it comes

in the night

don’t assume

when you’re not sure

don’t walk there

if you despise a great distance

don’t hate

without valid reason

don’t love deeply

if you can’t love yourself

don’t talk to me

unless you can listen

 2017 J Alaine

#amwriting #writing #wp