watching the frenzied faces passing by, I can feel their fear like the heat that raises on the burner. all the empty spaces on shelves have been left as a reminder of an airborne ailment that could intoxicate anyone, at any startling moment. then there’s always a million rants and raves that stifle until we end the day only to begin again. it’s a lonely silent call, just waiting; and the anticipation to hear a new song or to see clarity in the hours that has come upon us.

~j. alaine ©2020 #writing #life #prose #words #thoughts


a light cast of the night glows low,

as rainy sleet pats lightly tiptoing across the window

as a shadow hangs above the wall from the trees

and blinds shape the shadow

the silence can’t compete with the noise

it only fades itself out withdrawing from the sleet’s rhythm

a candle dims until it goes out

the distant sounds of a squad stammers

abruptly enough to send an emergency to its relief

the dog dry days were overlapped

as the end comes for one and birth awaits another

the way we are connected to life and its timed last breath

J.Alaine © 2020

#poetry #writing #words #night


Maybe you were abandoned by all the words that you once fell in love with, reminiscent by how they wrapped themselves around you, lifting you when you were drowning under the surface. And you were wondering where the words have went. Another given life, another gasped breath and you spent a lifetime wandering through every place; searching for those certain words, yet despite the search, you found that nothing could suffice and so then, you let it go. Without a search left, you found every word rearranged, barely resembling those last words that had departed from you, like storm that rushes in and suddenly disappears. How it left you in awe, a subtle realization that only by a simple ballad was it there right by your side all that time. J. Alaine © 2020 #words #poetry #writing