her shallowness

his reluctance

the shattered glass

the door that led

to the closure

and the aftermath

of something

that became

simply nothing

~J Alaine 2016

#poetry #life #writing


Letter to Simone

I saw you, hiding under your scars. I heard your cries lingering throughout the empty streets. It arose louder the further that I stood. I’m just a bystander, but I tell you this:

Yes, it was disastrous and yes, the pain grew deeper. You were cold, alone, and starved for everything that you never knew you had. The very agony that you had created upon yourself stifled you more than it could soothe you. The longing hands that you once craved had never reached out to you. The deception had turned you into a sinner. Rejection had finally unleashed itself.

The warmth that once surged through your heart had been turned into an icy glacier. Yet soon, there comes a day, and you shall find your way. You will walk into a path that will lead your buds into blossoms…

~J Alaine

#writing #life #fiction


I’m a nobody and

that’s grand to me

I live in my

own contentment

just as you

are a nobody too

And that’s why

we ended up together

Sadly the truth is

Not everyone knows

that everyone is

really a Somebody

~J Alaine 2017

#poetry #writing #life