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the sleep won’t always embrace you

the forest may not greet you

the last dance won’t move with you

a song will go silent and

your mind won’t let you reminisce

and then where will you wander to?

~J Alaine  2019

#poetry #questions #life #prose



we are here

chasing dragonflies

grasping for wishes

that dreams haven’t granted

eventually we will transition

from the seasons and

go out again

and roam about with

empty glass jars

capturing the fireflies that

preserve our summer nights

#poetry #life #dragonflies #spring #summer

~J Alaine  2019

Seasonal Exhaustion

We run away countless times during this season, in hopes to avoid the hustle and the bustle; yet find ourselves in the midst of the crowd. We smother ourselves in contemplation of what to buy our loved ones; asking would they want this or that. Then at the excruciating end of trying to decide, we settle for a gift card (just to be safe!) So much preparation goes into the decorating, the baking, the shopping, the get-togethers, seasonal enjoyment but then, we forget ourselves…

-J Alaine

 2018

#amwriting #words #life