if you could visualize every moment that you are about to endure what would you see?



You sat, hand on cheek, relaxed and wondering: how in the hell did you get yourself in this situation…?

Of all the most vile things to be doing, you ask yourself ‘why’ in a repetitional state.

Overthinking never made it go away. The constant pacing, back and forth across the room could not reach you with any inclination.

The power that you had within you to refrain had left you mentally exhausted.

The time of dwelling seemed to last for more than half of your lifetime.

Just then, you realized that it was all more than enough.

So without any response to your decision; you packed your bags, grabbed your miserly savings, dressed yourself to impress, hair styled to perfection, you reached to grab the front door.

You calmly walked down the front porch stairs, past the garden, past the pond down the pathway to the open road;

… never looking behind.

 2017 J Alaine

#amwriting #life #flashfiction


don’t follow it

when it comes

in the night

don’t assume

when you’re not sure

don’t walk there

if you despise a great distance

don’t hate

without valid reason

don’t love deeply

if you can’t love yourself

don’t talk to me

unless you can listen

 2017 J Alaine

#amwriting #writing #wp


there was a night

that brought in the solace

and a tree

which gave shelter

to an owl who

guided the entranceway

of hidden potential abilities

then an endless pathway

that was barely walked upon

leading across an ocean

beyond countless shorelines

into the mouth of an abyss


she writes

a thought

next to another thought

until it expands

to jumbled words

misconfigured phrases

short to the breath

deleting that

then this

another thought


an emotion pouring

yet another thought

until it flows

edit then re-edit

then simply

letting it go

…as it should

 2018 J Alaine

#writing #poetry